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Cycle 6

October 2019 - May 2021

(Extended due to COVID-19 outbreak)

5 community grants

River care community grant

Faculty of Earth Science, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Jeli Campus



Sunagi Rual

Sek. Keb. Sungai Rual, Jeli, Kelantan

Project Title:

River Adoption

Project Output:

The project aimed to raise awareness about river conservation among Orang Asli primary school children. They kick-started the project by organising a kid-friendly environmental day at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Rual. Through the programme, 15 keen students were identified and empowered on river conservation and monitoring activities. 


They have also successfully established a learning centre at the school to provide access of environmental-based information materials for the students. A river clean-up programme at Sungai Rual stretch was conducted with the participation from Sungai Rual indigenous communities, students and teachers as well as students and staffs from UMK. This programme received a media coverage on Majalah Sains and included in the Bulletin of Faculty of Earth Science UMK.

Faculty of Civil Engineering, UiTM Johor Pasir Gudang Campus



Takah Pengkoi Waterfall

 Kampung Kudong, Bekok, Johor

Project Title:

Sustainable Water Treatment for The Orang Asli Village

Project Output:

The project designed and installed a water filter cage at Takah Pengkoi Waterfall in order to treat the murky water resource problem which has been the water resource of Orang Asli at Kampung Kudong. The water was murky and unsuitable for everyday use. At the time of writing, the water filter installation initiative has improved by 2.75% in terms of WQI and reduced water turbidity rate by 26% after installation of water filter cage.


In addition, they also organized a river care awareness program involving 40 children of Orang Asli at Sek. Keb. Kg. Kudong. After installing the proposed water filter cage, a Training of Trainers (ToT) was also conducted for the Orang Asli communities to empower them on river monitoring activities. This program had been awarded with the gold and silver medals at international competitions, IIDEX 2020 and INDES 2020.

Lembah Bujang Lestari



Sungai Merbok

Kampung Sungai Batu Besi, Kedah

Project Title:

Mangrove Forest Conservation Programme at Sungai Merbok

Project Output:

Variety groups of people such as local residents, students, volunteers, orphans and workers has joined Lembah Bujang Lestari in their mangrove forest conservation programme at Sungai Merbok for riverine biodiversity conservation. They had successfully expanded the nursery and increased the number of mangrove seedlings by 1330 trees. As a result, a total of 430 new mangrove trees were planted along Sungai Merbok. Through growth monitoring activities for 130 planted trees, 117 trees survive reaching 63 cm height within 13 months at the time of writing.  

Society of Eco Greater Melawati (SeeGEM)

Upcycling - Minion project 2.jpg


Taman Melawati River Three Park, Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur

Project Title:

Development of River Trails for Community and Schools for Awareness, Education and Capacity Building

Project Output:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, SeeGEM had to change their focus by playing a strong supporting role on River Conservation, Protection & Rehabilitation (River CPR) initiated and implemented by FoSK TMR3. They have changed the focused from empowering targeted school students to supporting community activities including trail building along the river, Gotong-royong education and action activities and community food garden development along the river bank with the FoSK TMR3. These activities had successfully attracted visitors to the park and the public to join voluntarily and thereby gained environmental knowledge on river conservation. 


krt goshen 03.jpg
krt goshen 07.jpg
KRT Goshen-juara poster.jpg


Sungai Taraan

Kampung Goshen, Kota Marudu, Sabah

Project Title:

Pogulio Ih Sada (Bring Back the Fish)

Project Progress:

The project by KRT Kampung Goshen in Sabah is still ongoing. To date, they have conducted various awareness raising activities with school students and local communities including talk on river conservation and drawing/colouring and photography competitions with theme of “river care”. The pondok tagal and its surrounding area located next to Sungai Taraan had been cleared and upgraded with nice landscaping for community’s recreational area. GEC has trained the community members and school students on RIVER Ranger 2.0 to empower them on river monitoring at community level.

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